Wednesday, June 9, 2010

another afternoon in the park

phewy... its damn HOT in vienna at the moment! days like these call for lovely ice cold bottles of beer (or my preference would be a really cold fizzy pint of strongbow). i've resisted temptation so far (can't ruin the mini challenge after just one day) but there are loads of cold beers in the beer fridge and they're calling my name!!

the weather called for another afternoon studying in the park. i found a nice shady spot under a tree (it was way too hot in the sun) which would have been great except that i kept being attacked by ants (okay, they weren't attacking me as such) but they kept running over my books and my legs and i was worried that one might end up in my pants! (and we all know no one wants ants in their pants).
trying to concentrate on studying was made even harder by the fact that there were a group of people in the park enjoying beers together and listening to music (i was quite impressed when i heard 'black rebel motorcycle club' played). all i could think was 'i wanna be doing thaaaaaat!!!!'.

i've managed to stick to the salads today.... although i think i may have opened the fridge door about a gazillion times to just stare at the contents and hope that something REALLY tasty will appear. you can tell i am REALLY bored today. does anyone else open the fridge door every 10 minutes when they are bored, or is it just me?!
anyway, i went for mozzarella and avocado today... with a few linseeds thrown on top (just because they were in the cupboard!). i then ate the same again for dinner (only bigger) and this time i allowed myself 2 chopped new potatoes. wow, what a treat! can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! :-)

    I know that feeling about wanting to go to the fridge and staring in there and hoping that some tasty treat will be found in there! Lately, I have prepared the strangest meals, like spaghetti with roasted eggplant cubes (they roast by themselves nicely in the oven) and a bag of frozen "Chinese" vegetables - not too bad and it will last into tomorrow! ;-)

  2. ah, hello there! thanks for stopping by my blog :)