Friday, June 18, 2010

schloss schönbrunn palace and gardens

on tuesday we took a trip to schönbrunn! i've been there quite a few times now but i didn't mind going again with my grandparents as i really like it there and i knew it would be the sort of place they would like too.
it also meant that we got to see the lovely roses that kate mentioned on her transatlantic sketches blog. they were beautiful... in fact the whole place was looking lush and green.
we took a trip on the little yellow train that goes around all the grounds (but i forgot to take a picture of it). i didn't think my nan and grandad would make it up to the gloriette by foot! but i really enjoyed the train.... they tell you lots of interesting facts about the place on the way around (ie. there are 80 gardeners in the summer months. there you go - fact of the day!).
we sat on a bench up by the gloriette on the hill and ate our picnic of homemade sandwiches with fizzy orange pop! its so peaceful and relaxing there.... i could sit there all day people watching and looking at the view.

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