Thursday, June 10, 2010


so, it was another really hot day in vienna (it clouded over but was still very warm) and after my german course this morning, i just couldn't face doing any more studying so i decided to take a walk in our district in a direction i hadn't really explored before. i ended up on the 'landstrasse gürtel' and found some green space in which to wander around....
the great thing i've noticed about vienna is that all the parks have loads of benches... so i took a seat on one and enjoyed a few hours reading my book. there was even a mini waterfall (not sure what else to call it!). i love the sound of running water.... and all the roses smelt so lovely! it was strange to think i was so close to such a busy main road.
i also discovered a stone elephant! i thought he was cool (but not sure what he was doing there?!)
and some pigeons kept jumping on each other... i don't even want to think about what they may have been up to...!
on the way home i decided to stop at our local cafe/restaurant/bar (think its a bit of everything) and continue reading my book with a nice cold drink.
and yes, that is a beer... and yes, i know i'm weak!! (it tasted damn good though). so, for now from me it's....


  1. I grew up in that park...I've never figured out the purpose of the elephant either, tho'

    still, lovely pond-cum-waterfall, you'll have to agree!



  2. hi there albert! yes, i agree... the pond is lovely :)