Saturday, June 12, 2010

yay for the world cup!

i'm so excited the world cup started yesterday! as you may have worked out from earlier posts, i love football... and you can't beat the world cup. its such a fantastic tournament.
this is a bit of a rubbish picture i took (from our tv at home) of the opening match between the hosts south africa and mexico. i've watched 3 of the 4 matches played so far... and i'm hoping to see as many as possible! (without becoming too much of a hermit). it's a shame that austria didn't make it through as i would have liked to be here to experience the atmosphere (although, i'm not sure that austria are a big footballing nation?).

kev and i went to relax in the park today... and took a mini picnic of bread filled with peppered salami, cream cheese, gherkins and salad (yum)... and then delicious strawberries (with beer!).
talking of beer... stiegl are doing special bottle caps of all the countries flags participating in the world cup. so obviously i have to collect them all (i am such a marketers dream!)
we appear to have 15 caps so far.... but there are plenty more bottles in the fridge to be drunk. with england playing their first match tonight it could be a long (and stressful) night....!