Tuesday, June 29, 2010

glastonbury festival 2010

wooh... what 5 days and nights of total carnage that was!

for those of you not too familiar with glastonbury festival, it is an AMAZING music festival that takes place on a huge farm in somerset (england) at the end of each june (apart from when they have a year off).....and this year it was the festivals 40TH BIRTHDAY! YAY!
but it is a festival of SO MUCH MORE than just music and i'm pretty sure that nothing else compares to glastonbury in the whole wide world. it is simply amazing and unique and i love it. i mean, where else can you experience such extremes of meditating and sipping chai tea in the healing fields.... to entering another world through a wardrobe where you get to dress up and have huge pillow fights with complete strangers.... and then seeing gyrating pole dancing robots?!
i had so much fun... but i have to admit i did peak, crash and burn a little too early!! (i think it may have been the 7.5% pear cider?!).
and i think i may be getting a little too old for sleeping in a tent for 5 nights on a hard field and waking up feeling like i need a hip replacement. but seriously, getting bruised and battered and not washing for 5 days is all part of the experience! (and anyway, who needs showers when you can just baby wipe?! ha). and we just won't talk about the toilets....

i took over 400 pictures!!!!! but here is just a selection of some random/cool/great things i snapped around the festival....
(see, i wasn't lying!)
sorry about all the pictures.... but i wanted to put on sooooo many more! hopefully its given you a bit of a feel for the festival..... bring on next year!!!


  1. Welcome back to hot Vienna - hope you're coping with the mosquitos. GREAT photos (love the tree!).. That looks like so much fun. Whenever you have time send me an email so we can work something out. :)