Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the first of many....

.... oh yes, its salads for me EVERY day now! (no more making yummy pies or baking cakes for a while unfortunately). i need to get in shape, and quickly. although i can see me getting bored of salad pretty fast!
this was my tuna salad i ate tonight. it tasted good.... but it would have been even better with a big dollop of mayo on the top and bread on the side. must. not. eat. bread.
i'm finding it really hard to eat healthily here. all the bread is soooo good....the salami, the sausage, the cheese, the pizza, the ice cream and obviously the cakes! (although i'm yet to try many cakes.... i did finally eat my first apple strudel here last week. quite different to the strudel we are used to in england...it was served cold rather than hot).
AND don't even get me started on all the beer and white wine i seem to be consuming!
okay, i've set myself a mini challenge... lets see if i can make it to the weekend eating salad everyday, no bread, and no alcohol. yikes!
(can't believe i'm worried about only 3 days...small steps at a time!).


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  2. I don't eat meat, but love bread, and sweeeets, and white wine, life won't be easy for me in Austria :)
    Eating salads is easy, tasty and healthy, you'll see. I'm doing it every day, love it. Mayo is "no-no" for me, but I love to add olive, avocado or sesam oil to salads, try it.
    Bon appetit!

  3. i go through phases of eating really healthily and then lapse and eat really badly again. i love olives and avocado too. will try out the sesame oil as a change from olive oil and balsamic vinegar! thanks!

  4. Oh, just be careful with sesam oil. It's quite heavy and "smelly" (can I say so in english?), I add it in addition to some other oil or seasoning, just a little. No problem with avocado oil in this sense, you can use it as much as you want. Sesam oil is good for oriental food, japanese, korean...
    Promise no more talks about food today :)