Sunday, June 13, 2010

quesadillas (and a big cool storm!)

last night before the england match kicked off we ate quesadillas with homemade guacamole (a jamie oliver recipe) from his book jamie's dinners. we have eaten them loads of times before and i love them! i would totally recommend them (they are great with a beer). guacamole is also one of my favourite things.
whilst we were tucking into the yummy quesadillas a huge storm came over vienna. the sky suddenly blackened and the wind really picked up and was sweeping through the apartment and bashing the open windows. i LOVE storms! kev and i were both hanging out of the windows taking pictures of the sky (until the heavy rain meant we had to close the windows).


  1. Wow, great pictures of the sky! And those quesadillas looks gooood. Must be good with beers - especially in this heat (I look forward to drinking beer again!). Oh, and nice new outlay you got on the blog :)

  2. thanks dorte! i hope all is good with you? and i hope we will have a beer together sometime in the not too distant future... :)