Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sunny day in wien!

it has been a gloriously sunny and hot day in wien today (okay, i know its not been that hot but it's hot to me!). i left the apartment this morning to walk to my new deutschkurs and the difference in climate hit me (in comparison to england), it felt and smelt just like i was on holiday! i'm not sure how to describe it... but the air is just different to the uk. it was lovely walking in the sunshine but unfortunately by the time i got to the deutsch akademie (to meet my new course colleagues, as i missed the first class yesterday) i looked like such a sweaty betty! how embarrassing. spot the english girl with the bright red sweaty face eh.

i've been working hard studying this afternoon but with it being such a lovely day outside... i have to admit i was feeling pretty bored and lonely in the apartment by myself. especially after spending the weekend surrounded by friends (and my boyfriend is working away in budapest until friday evening). so i decided to head to the local park and take my books with me... and it made me feel a lot better!
i'm still feeling warm now and it's 7pm! (and the forecast says there is even hotter weather to come. eek).
i definitely need to buy some new cooler clothes!


  1. A girl will always find a reason to go shopping :)
    Seriously - lucky you! Here in Helsinki it is only +12 +15 today :( I don't like heat and +25 is the max I can bear, but I'd love to see some sun now, not only clouds and rain...

  2. i'm sending some sunshine to helsinki! :)

  3. It's great isn't it, finally summer! When I get back from LA, we should gettogether again!

    Keep on enjoying the sun, it is always better to study outside when the weather is like this :)

  4. yay for the summer! (but phewy, i am rather hot!)

    would love to meet up again when you are back from LA (hope you have a fabulous time!). it'll be SO cool. :)

  5. And it is still gloomy and +14 in Helsinki :(

  6. Thanks! I'll get in touch when I am back (and not suffering toooo much from jetlag :)