Monday, June 7, 2010

a little trip back to england!

wow - what a weekend that was!!! but i'm suffering for it now....
i flew back to my hometown in england on thursday night and arrived back in vienna today at lunchtime after getting up at 4.15 am! i am SO tired, i don't quite know what to do with myself!
it's been a fab weekend for my friend's 'hen 'do'... there has been lots of drinking, eating, cocktail making, fancy dress, dancing, sunshine... and catching up with great friends.
now back to reality in vienna. and back to the diet in time for the wedding in 8 weeks time. eeeek!!!!


  1. Hi, just found your blog and it's a nice read!

    I might do something similar (moving to Austria), if I get the job I applied for.

    Is it ok to ask you about cost of living in Austria? accomodation, taxes etc?

    Thank you!


  2. Wow! Looks like you had a terrific super long weekend :) All you need now is just a couple of days to rest and life will get back to normal.
    Whose wedding is it in 8 weeks? Did I miss something in your earlier posts?


  3. hi elena - i haven't really mentioned it in the blog but a very close friend of mine is getting married in 8 weeks in cyprus. its going to be beautiful but very HOT! and i'm worried about looking huge in my bridesmaid dress (hence the diet) but its so difficult living here!!
    p.s. i've just looked back through my blog posts - thanks for the sweet comments you made!

    miguel - i'll send you an email to the address you've given. not sure how much i can help but i'm happy to tell you about my experiences.

  4. Again diet... I remember that post about some diet chicken soup and what followed it :)
    But certainly you have a good reason to try it again. You're like me in this sense, my diet stops same day it starts :)
    Don't worry you'll look beautiful, everyone looks beautiful in a wedding.
    Have a great time in Cyprus and congrats to your friend!