Wednesday, November 24, 2010

another christmas market!

yep, i've now been to 3 different markets in 3 days! (i wonder if i can visit them all?).

yesterday i passed by the adventmarkt in front of karlskirche. well, i passed through on my walk to the exhibition but on the way back i stopped for some glühmost! i've finally worked it out. glühmost is mulled cider, glühwein is mulled wine (obviously) and apfel, orangen, beeren etc punsch are various fruit alcoholic punches. glühmost is my favourite. no shock there!

the market was quiet early on in the day but as dusk started setting in more and more people arrived for a lovely mug of something warm and alcoholic.
this is a market with a bit of a difference. in front of the church there is usually water but they've drained out the water and replaced it with lots of straw and ponies instead! (plus some other animals). it was quite amusing watching loads of kids having straw fights. i kinda wanted to join in!


  1. I love that you're posting about all the different Christmas markets. Every year I make it a goal to visit at least three new markets that I haven't been to yet (including in other cities) and blog about them. It's such fun way to enjoy the season and a good excuse to drink a lot of Glühwein. I dare you to visit them all!

  2. The last picture is great, well they all are! And Glühmost is the one I like best too :)