Friday, November 19, 2010

interpol at the gasometer

kev and i finally went to our first gig in vienna last night. interpol played at the gasometer and they were AWESOME. we've seen interpol a couple of times before (both times in london) so it was great to see them in a different country and venue. their sound is always amazing and i could just listen to the lead singers voice for hours.
hot dog anyone?!
i tried to take some pictures of them onstage but we have a new camera which i don't know how to work (i need to read the instruction manual and find out what all the settings are!) and i couldn't actually see the stage (i'm too short) so i just had to wave the camera above my head and hope for the best.
i was happy looking at the pretty lights and listening to the music until about 50 minutes into the set when some huge tall guy decides to come and barge into my personal space. so then my only view was this....
errr?!! rather annoying.... but great night! (poor kev had to get up at 4.30am this morning to fly back to zagreb for a meeting. he's gonna be dead!).


  1. My God, the breast of the hotdog woman is petrifying!

    Yay for the great time you had!!

  2. i was thinking the exact same thing mimie! You saw surfer blood then as well? nice. and a new camera? Lucky! what did you get - just an upgrade?

  3. i know... i was rather shocked by the hotdog lady too!

    neither of us were too bothered about seeing surfer blood (saw them at ATP and they were okay). so we hung out at the bar drinking beer instead!

    kev bought a new panasonic lumix camera... so we don't always have to carry around the big DSLR. its cute!

  4. Damn that tall guy that stole your view. Hope last night's concert will be the first of many in Vienna.