Monday, November 1, 2010


despite feeling more and more ill as the day went on i refused to cancel our dinner at aromat on saturday night as i'd been so looking forward to it.

aromat is on margaretenstraße in the 5th district. i'd walked past it a few times when wandering around and really liked the look of the place. and i have to say, despite feeling pretty rotten, i really loved it there. its a small relaxing place, with cute retro furniture, and a nice atmosphere. the service was also great (and very friendly. the guy even took the time to sit down with us and explain the menu). they have a regular menu of savoury and sweet crepes and then a daily changing menu consisting of 2 starters, about 4 mains and 1 dessert. hayley and i went for the vegetarian option which was a roasted pepper stuffed with red wine risotto and a tomato and pumpkin sauce. and it was DELICIOUS. kev had a veal dish which i tried and was equally yummy. unfortunately i forgot to take photos (i was ill!) but i did remember once kev ordered dessert (a chocolate torte).
i tried a small bite thinking it might be a bit rich and heavy for me but it was surprisingly lovely and light. the food and wine were very reasonably priced and they served the wine in cute small glasses! (which reminded me of being in florence where we also had wine in small tumblers rather than wine glasses).
i really really liked this place. its the sort of café/restaurant i could happily hang out in all night and i can't wait to return when i'm feeling much better!


  1. YAY! tis my fave place in Vienna.

  2. Kerry,

    I love your blog! I studied abroad in Vienna 10 years ago and fell in love with Vienna. I love reading through your blog. It brings back so many great memories. Thanks for blogging!


  3. thanks so much for the sweet comments elena! (i'm gonna go check out your blog...)

  4. Yes, such a nice place and the owner is sweet too. To bad that I am never in that neighbourhood but just talked to friend about that we have to go there again, when I saw that you went :) Maybe we all can go together (29, you, me and my friend :)

  5. Yep, a really nice little place. I was also attracted by the old facade and retro style. So cool!