Monday, November 15, 2010

friday night curry

i've been craving a great indian meal for ages (especially when i read my friends post here) so when kev and i decided to go out for dinner on friday we thought it could only be one thing... CURRY!

as you would expect i see so many traditional austrian restaurants in vienna and there are tons of italians/pizzerias and also quite a few asian restaurants (although i find it bizarre that they mostly offer japanese, thai and chinese food all in the same restaurant??!) but i've really not noticed many indian restaurants. i did however pass one (zum moghulhof on burggasse) during my wandering on thursday so we decided to go there without looking up any reviews beforehand.
mmmmm.... cobra beer!

now i'm not going to lie, the food wasn't quite up to what i would expect from an indian back in the UK, but i did enjoy it and i would return (but try some different dishes).

for starter i ordered some onion rings (yes, onion rings) but they were tasty and came with a lovely side dip (no onion bhaji on the menu). kev had a meat samosa which was also nice but not like samosas that i've eaten before. stupidly i forgot to take pictures (i was too busy enjoying my cobra beer and laughing at kev when he tried one of the chutneys/pickles and started to cry because it was so hot!).

for main i chose a lamb bhuna which didn't taste like a bhuna i know but again i did like it. kev had another lamb dish which unfortunately we can't remember the name of (a dish we hadn't heard of before) but i think it tasted better than my bhuna. and we ordered a garlic naan but they forgot it!

all in all i did enjoy the meal... the restaurant had a nice atmosphere... the staff were friendly... the service was pretty good (apart from them forgetting our naan but still trying to charge us for it!) but mostly it was just great to taste some indian flavours. oh, and the cobra beer was AWESOME!

still craving a chicken dansak though.... !


  1. Yum! You look great- the restaurant looks lovely- and the photos are nice-I find it really difficult to take photos of Indian food-

  2. ah, you got cobra beer. they always have it on menus over here but when you ask for it, they never have it! p.s. your hair looks really cute.

  3. awww, thanks. the hair was a complete accident. i just left it to dry by itself!
    the photos were just random!

  4. Ooh, if you like Indian then you might like the Wiener Deewan near Schottentor. Its a buffet-style restaurant and you just pay what you think is deserved! Its not a fancy place and it can be very busy, but the food is well worth it :)

  5. hi lel, thank you for the recommendation. i have read about deewan before but we haven't made it there yet. i think its about time for a visit!

  6. Hey you are both as cute as buttons (Old codger talking)

  7. Hi, I believe this resturant is right by a really good burger joint called The Burger Makers another good Indian resturant that I know of is called INDUS in the third district.

  8. hey american schnitzel, thanks for the tips!