Tuesday, November 9, 2010

frida kahlo

wow. what a lady. today i finally went to see the frida kahlo exhibition which is currently being held in vienna at the kunstforum until 5 december 2010.
i seriously urge anyone in vienna who is remotely interested in art to go and see it! it is simply amazing. some of her self portraits are incredible. i love the way she dressed, the flowers in her hair, the thought processes behind her paintings. i felt really inspired. as part of the exhibition there are also some amazing photographs of frida. its the best €10 i've spent in ages!

for those of you who know nothing about her she was born in mexico in 1907 and died in 1954 aged only 47. in 1925 she was in a horrific bus crash which left her in pain and with health problems for the rest of her life. i'll let wiki tell you the rest!


  1. Hallo! My family and I are moving to Austria next month...is it possible to connect with you via email? I have many questions about moving and would love to chat with someone who has recently made the move overseas!


  2. hi amy, yes of course!
    please feel free to email me at kerrysmith78@googlemail.com
    ask me anything!

  3. Hi there - I found your blog via Merisi's and have enjoyed browsing your experiences in this beautiful city. I'll be visiting Vienna in the week before Christmas with my family, so picking up useful tips!
    Thanks for a great blog, will definitely be back ...

  4. hey karen, thanks for your sweet comment! hope you have a fantastic stay in the city. i can't wait for the christmas markets to start!