Tuesday, November 23, 2010

weihnachtsmarkt am spittelberg

last night kev and i went to the christmas market at spittelberg (called weihnachtsmarkt am spittelberg) with an ex-colleague of kev's (who is currently working at kev's office on a project).

we wandered along the streets and stopped to drink a few mugs of schilcher glühwein. we had no idea what it was but having just googled it... schilcher is a type of róse wine produced solely in the austrian region of western styria (now i know!). it tasted great anyway and the atmosphere amongst the little streets, stalls and glühwein stands was lovely! the markets are certainly much more pretty at night.


  1. Amazing pictures as always! Spittelberg is one of my favorites!

  2. yeah, i really liked it here too! although we were lucky it wasn't very busy (i guess being a monday evening) but i bet it gets really busy there at other times