Tuesday, November 16, 2010

interview experience...

on sunday i went to café espresso again. only this time i wasn't alone! i met up with the super awesome '29' for some drinks. yay. she rocks. (i took this picture from inside the café. i like the reflection of the light on the glass).

i kinda didn't tell anyone but a few weeks ago i went for a job interview. i won't tell you about the job or organisation itself but i was PETRIFIED. i've only ever had 2 interviews in my life (before this one) and therefore my interview skills are pretty nonexistent. i also get ridiculously nervous about these kinds of things. anyway, i had to do a 90 minute TEST. yep. and then attend the interview afterwards. i really couldn't tell how the interview went but one of the interviewers asked me 'are you intending on having children?'. now i see where he's coming from... i'm female, aged 32, currently childless...  but i'm pretty sure you're not meant to ask that kind of thing?! it pretty much sums this place up really.

oh and needless to say... i haven't heard anything from them.


  1. It is NOT allowed to ask that, doesn't matter if you are 21 or 43. So far I know it isn't even legal so if you don't get the job, make a complaint! Regardless of what you answer was, that is not ok. I am really upset!

  2. yeah, that's dreadful. As mimie says, do make a complaint. tsk.

  3. I googled it, it is not allowed but you are allowed to lie. It is not ok to ask (man or woman) if they plan children (and therefor vould need maternity/paternity leave).

  4. allowed or not, it's always been considered. either way, it sucks.