Friday, November 12, 2010

wandering in neubau

i needed to get out of the apartment again yesterday. but as soon as i'd got on the U-bahn heading towards the volkstheater stop (with the intention of walking around 7th district and spittelberg) i wished i'd stayed at home. my legs suddenly became heavy and the thought of wandering the streets aimlessly alone didn't exactly fill me with excitement. BUT it did me good and i did really enjoy myself. i do love the neubau district.
just a few snaps i took whilst walking around. i passed lots of great and interesting looking shops but i didn't go in any. some of them looked rather expensive! i did end up having a liquid lunch though. that was good!

they are currently setting up all the huts/stalls for the spittelberg christmas markets. i can't wait for them to start. lots of glühwein (mulled wine) sold in the streets. yum!

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