Wednesday, November 24, 2010


when you think of pop art you always think of male artists, right? andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, david hockney, peter blake... to name just a few.

in vienna until 20 february 2011 there is an exhibition called 'power up' being shown at the kunsthalle wien (in the museums quartier). the exhibition is about rediscovering female pop artists and is showing various works by 9 outstanding women (dorothy iannone, evelyne axell, sister corita, christa dichgans, kiki kogelnik, rosalyn drexler, jann haworth, marisol and niki de saint phalle).

i went to the exhibition today and i loved it. as you enter you hear 'push it' by salt & pepper playing loudly in the stairwell. it seemed a fitting way to start the exhibition.
i couldn't take any pictures inside the exhibition (for obvious reasons) but there were so many great and thought provoking works on display. the entrance fee was €8.50 and it was totally worth it. according to the exhibition pamphlet "the show aims at the reinterpretation of an art movement that until today has primarily been associated with male protagonists". the exhibition also "pursues its political perspective in those instances where the era's current notions of what a woman is are revised by different views" (of the female artists).

if you can you should go!

p.s. i did actually try to take a picture inside but i got caught! doh.

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