Saturday, January 1, 2011

auf wiedersehen 2010

well, here we are. the LAST day of the year. i really don't know where this year has gone to?
kev and i ventured into the city centre this afternoon to see what was happening in preparation for tonights celebrations at stephansplatz. i was surprised by how many people were already there milling about drinking sekt and hot punsch (including stroh punsch!!!**). there were even a large amount of people waltzing in front of a stage to jive bunny music. it was quite bizarre to see!
we drank a glass of sekt, ate a käsekrainer hotdog (and kev got ketchup all over his face!), saw people dancing to D-I-S-C-O in the afternoon, went inside for a beer and then headed home (when we saw some kids throwing fireworks at each other in the park). i'm currently drinking a gin & tonic and waiting for my toenails to dry before kev and i head out for pizza and lots of fizzy wine!

well, 2010. the year i resigned from my job and moved to live in another country (didn't see that coming). its been such a massive change for me, and if i'm totally honest i've been feeling pretty sad lately. i've been trying to put on a brave face but sometimes it all becomes a bit too much and the cracks start to show (the run up to christmas was particularly bad).
its been a quiet week here since my family went home on monday. i've been reading lots (finally finished the last harry potter book. i know i know, i'm sooooo behind on that one!). and i've been thinking lots about this year and our move to vienna in march. i haven't really settled in here as i'd hoped. things have been harder than i ever could have anticipated and i guess deep down, i just really miss home. like i never thought i would. lets just say this year has been challenging and to be honest i'm kinda keen to see the back of 2010. BUT i am feeling so much more positive, i've put all these negative thoughts behind me and i'm currently excited to see what 2011 holds for me.

so, to all you peeps out there who read this blog i wish you a very happy new year (frohes neues jahr!).... and i hope 2011 brings you all lots of love, luck and happiness. have fun!

**i didn't realise until i moved to vienna that stroh is austrian. its 80% rum! (i think they make some lesser strength ones too). lets just say the last time i drunk stroh i accidentally fell in a bath and ripped down the shower curtain and then fell down some stairs and broke the entire heel off my boot. don't worry... i won't be drinking any tonight!


  1. Happy New Year! Uh, I didnt know they put up special New Year decorations.. I think I want to celebrate New Years in Wien next time.
    THANKS for being so honest about your 2010 challenges. I'm sure many who have done a move like that can relate to your feelings. I'm absolutely sure 2011 has great things in store for you. Unfortunately I can't help you with the job, but I look forward to hanging out much more in 2011. See you soon.

  2. Happy New Year!
    I enjoyed viewing Christmas in Vienna through your eyes.
    So many places I did not have time to visit this year (what with celebrating Thanksgiving on the first advent weekend and school going into mid-December, I had very little time for strolls around the city.
    Warm regards

  3. thank you both for your lovely messages!
    dorte - i look forward to hanging out with you!
    merisi - as always, i love your blog and the beautiful pictures you post.