Thursday, January 13, 2011

presents in the post!

i love it when we get little packages in the post and this week we've received three! for christmas my uncle gave me an amazon voucher (yay!) so i ordered 2 books (thanks uncle paul!).
the patti smith book i can't wait to read, i love her music and its about a time in her life before her rise to fame. the mari strachan book i know nothing about but it was chosen by my friend lex as our next book for book group, so i'm looking forward to reading that too.
last night i just finished reading lucky jim by kingsley amis (it was published in 1954). i have to say, i loved it. i was properly laughing out loud which i didn't expect. very funny!
my lovely friend sharron sent me a pair of knee high socks in the post this week. look how cute the velvet ribbon around the top is!
and the third package i need to go and collect today from the post office. kev's christmas present has FINALLY arrived. where on earth its been (i ordered it on 1st December) i have no idea but i'm just so happy that its not lost. i'll show you what it is once kev has opened it tomorrow night! (you could say its more a present to 'us'. ha).


  1. that took a while :)
    i read snippets from the book and not sure i liked it. it was featured in gUARDIAN.....she seems somewhat stuck up?!?! but erm....i probably should not say that. Lucky Jim is just great.

  2. I've wanted to check out that Patti Smith book. Let me know what you think.

  3. i'll let you know when i've read it! i'm intrigued....

  4. I have been looking for a laugh out loud book- thaks for the recommendation- glad you package is not lost- that would have stressed me out!