Thursday, January 20, 2011

some good news...

just some quick snap shots from our apartment window this morning

so, i have some news.... i've finally got a job! (although i'm now slightly panicking about how little time i've got left before i return to the world of work... !). but anyway, i'm excited and just really happy that i'll be earning my own money again (i've hated relying on my boyfriend despite how great he's been about it. i guess its an independence thing) and i'll get out of the apartment in the day and feel like i'm not spending so much time on my own. so YAY.

i've not been up to much else. i went out for a few beers on my own on tuesday to celebrate the job. kev and i are going to celebrate properly together with a meal out this weekend (he's in zagreb at the mo).

our heating and hot water has broken down again (booooring i know but this is the forth time in about 3 months) so i've been hanging about in the chilly apartment all day (with my scarf on!) waiting for the management company/plumber to call. they are now not coming until tomorrow so i could have gone out and enjoyed the rare bit of sunshine we are having today after all. forecast says -4 for tonight. EEK. might have to spend the evening under the duvet.

i'm currently looking for german classes in the evening... but every language school i've looked at lessons start at 6pm and i'm going to be working until 6pm. hmmmm. anyone know of any evening courses in vienna that start later???

oh, and i've finished both the books that arrived in the post (i thought just kids by patti smith was brilliant. i even had a little cry... but i do cry at most things!). that means i've already read 4 books this year! next up is 'vanity fair' by w. m. thackeray. i have my great grandmothers old copy that was published in 1933. it smells really old, the writing is small, the pages are thin and yellowed... but there is something quite nice about that.


  1. well done on the reading front! V impressive. despite having all the time in the world, i seem to be reading much less now! Will add 'read more' to the list of new year resolutions.

  2. Yay again for the job. It's funny how once you know there's an end to all that extra time, it becomes so precious. I know that very well! Hope the heating gets back on quickly!

  3. Mazel Tov- that is great news- I really loved VF- up there among favorites- and your copy sounds perfect!

  4. Congrats on the new job! What is it by the way? I hope you will like it. :)
    Oh, I wish to learn German too. I'm from Slovenia, but am totally in love in Austria. It is my travelling summer destination every year!
    Would love to work there one day too, but the language is the problem... :(
    I love reading your adventures... Hey, I hope you won't freeze there! Fingers crossed for the heating!

  5. Yay, tonight we celebrate!