Sunday, January 2, 2011

new years eve

prosecco and pizza in an italian called 'la norma'. we've been here sooo many times before but the owner is so welcoming and friendly and the pizza is good (although i'm not sure about the rest of the food. stick to the pizza and alcohol is my advice!)
then on to amaretto!
fireworks at midnight. people (including the restaurant owner) were setting them off in the street!
the restaurant staff dancing to daddy cool by boney m. HILARIOUS! (they played this song over and over again!)
unable to listen to any more boney m (!) we left the restaurant and headed towards stephansplatz
the debris left behind from the celebrations at stephansplatz (i couldn't keep the camera still!)
surprised that one of the huts is still open we stop for a mug of glühwein
trying to sneakily get a shot of the people behind with stuffed fluffy pigs on their heads (we were very puzzled by the amount of people wearing pigs and huts selling only pigs. thanks to merisi i now know its because pigs are seen as lucky charms! still, a big stuffed pig on your head?!)
time to go home.

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  1. Hehe, I thought about the pigs too and wrote a posting about it :) Coming up tomorrow.. You look sooo cute on that picture with the pig-hat-men!! Adorable! See you soon and take care!