Thursday, January 27, 2011

food lately

i seem to have really healthy days and then really BAD days. like yesterday, when i ate 2 cheese topped rolls, half a large bag of fizzy cola bottles and a kitkat senses in about 10 minutes flat (no lie). i then felt rather ill. i need to get thinking about what healthy things i can take to work for lunch. i'm kinda bored... and i can't remember what i used to eat at work?

i can't seem to get motivated today. i really do get so frustrated with myself sometimes! the dark, grey... and well, freezing weather doesn't help i suppose (its -1 outside today). i'm feeling quite anxious about starting my new job next week. i guess its quite normal. but after not working for 11 months and spending half of that time complaining that i'm lonely and have too much time on my hands... i'm beginning to panic now that that time is being taken away from me! its true what they say, you always want what you don't have.

i'm having my haircut tomorrow for the first time in vienna (the last few times i went to the hairdressers on visits back to the UK because i was too scared to go here!). it now hasn't been cut for 6 months... and well, it looks terrible. i'm really rather nervous!

oh and i desperately NEED this camera. like now. i've wanted a diana f+ or diana mini camera for ages.... but seriously, how amazing is the cute cloud design. eep!


  1. This post is just a perfect description of my situation! I moved to Vienna 9 month ago from Cologne and I'm also starting my new job next week. And I'm also really nervous about it! I was even planning to have my hair cut today but couldn't motivate myself to venture outside yet.
    I wish I had contacted you much earlier! I'm sure we could have shared some job-hunt experiences... Unfortuately the whole blogging scene is rather new for me...
    But perhaps we can start sharing "new-job-experiences"? I'd love to hear back from you!
    Good luck for your haircut!

  2. wow, how funny that we are in such similar situations!
    i can't access your profile to contact you... but my email address is please get in touch!

  3. Maybe we can exchange receipes and lunch ideas :) Took your advice and got those seeds today by the way. Thanks! :)

  4. I need to make me a haircut when i need to change...i love it! Good luck!