Monday, January 31, 2011

last day of freedom

i went to cupcakes wien on josefstädter straße on friday after my haircut (which was a success by the way. i still have hair and i like it!). i was a bit overwhelmed by the choice and panic chose this mint chocolate one (maybe i was tempted by the bit of after eight on the top?) but the topping was a bit rich for me. i think cupcakes always look nicer than they taste (but that might just be me? i'm more of a savoury person than a cake/chocolate kinda girl). its a cute place though.

so today has been my last day of freedom before i re-enter the big bad world of work. eek. i keep having a panic every time i think about it so i'm trying not to think about it.

i've been reflecting on how well my new year resolutions have gone over the past month....

* first up... lose 12lbs. this will make you laugh. i weighed myself this morning and i'm actually heavier than i was at the beginning of january. HA.
* exercise. i went running 3 times (maybe 4)... does that count?
* take lots of photographs and learn how to use my camera. yep, still working on this! i have a book for dummies... i just need to read it and practice
* learn german. i registered for an evening class today. start 1st march. woo!
* set myself some creative projects. er, i made a bracelet?!
* continue to read a book a month (or more). currently reading my 5th book of the year!
* be better at keeping in touch with friends and family. hmmmm.... yeah, i'm still rubbish at this. but trying.
* cook lots of new recipes. i tried out a new simple recipe on friday. post to follow!
* find a job. i start a new job tomorrow. hurrah!

okay, i think i've got a lot to work on... but there are some positive steps in the right direction!


  1. good luck tomorrow! it's only f o u r days till the weekend :)

  2. Best of all to you lovely lady- I am really happy for you!

  3. Best wishes for tomorrow :) May you have easy transition into the working world!

  4. Trying to post this comment for the third time :) I have been wanting to go to the cupcake-place since it opened - in september! :) You have the whole year for the rest of the resolutions, I think you are doing good! Good luck for tomorrow!

  5. thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
    and badger - aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Uh a cupcake place! I need to go there (you know me and cakes...). Happy to hear the haircut was a success. How is work going?! I have been thinking about you so many times over the past week. I'm sure you are enjoying the weekend now!

  7. Cool, i also live in vienna and i have a question, where do you go to the friseur? i haven´t find a good one!


  8. hey anasixties! i've only had my hair cut in vienna once and that was at a place called london underground haircutters (in 8th). i liked the cut but i wasn't so sure about the actual salon. its quite 'dated' in there. but i guess the fact they can cut well is the most important thing!