Wednesday, January 5, 2011

pizzeria valentino

it nearly took all my will power today to resist ordering a pizza for lunch. i met lovely miriam at a pizzeria called valentino in the 9th district. it was a great little 'locals' place that i would never have known was there as its in a completely different part of the city to where i usually go (i live on the opposite side of the city centre). the VERY good '2011 healthier me' ordered a grilled chicken salad. and it was very healthy with loads of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and red peppers with just a light vinaigrette. go me!
miriam ordered the spaghetti fruits der mer (it looked good). we had a really nice lunch chatting and the waiter was really friendly. the food was really reasonable too.
its a bank holiday here tomorrow (6th january) but unfortunately kev is working in prague and won't be back until the evening (i'm very jealous of him being in prague without me and drinking kozel dark beer!). but i've had an invitation out to lunch AND dinner tomorrow so i'm very much looking forward to that!

(its the 5th of january and i still haven't done any exercise in 2011. see, i told you i'm not very good at resolutions).