Sunday, January 9, 2011

bank holiday pigging out

er, i'm not sure this healthy eating idea is going to plan. i ate curry for lunch and chinese for dinner on thursday (washed down with many many beers. oh dear. well, it was a bank holiday. thats my excuse!).

i met mimie for lunch at a new fast food place called curry up! it was kinda bizarre to order curry at a counter and receive your food in plastic pots on a canteen style tray. but the food tasted good (its sri lankan) and the staff were friendly, if a little disorganised (they have only just opened so we'll let them off!). we were confused by the lack of plates... but it turns out that you're meant to eat the curry on the banana leaf on the tray! i went for beef curry, basmati rice and roti. mmm... i love curry.

in the evening kev and i were invited to spend the evening with marijana and her friends who were staying in vienna. thursday was the orthodox christian christmas eve and we celebrated in a very non-traditional way by eating dim sum and drinking beer!
we went to aming dim sum profi (which is not far from naschmarkt). its a no frills small family run place with a large amount of chinese dishes to choose from. the food was really reasonable and the service was friendly. i'll definitely go back! we chose lots of different dishes so we all got to try a little bit of everything which was great. duck, beef, shrimp, chicken, tofu... all good.
as you can see i enjoyed it! as did everyone else....
afterwards we headed to aromat (as you know from this previous post, i love this place!).
this is one of their savoury crepes (this was kev's dinner. he missed the chinese meal as he was returning from work in prague). cheese, tomato and pesto. how good does that look!


  1. Oh my goodness, you've made me so hungry now. That curry place sounds wonderful. Hope you have a great week!

  2. I have decided that Curry is healthy food :) And the rest of the holiday sounds very nice, you are supposed to eat good on christmas :)