Friday, July 2, 2010

marilyn manson (yes, thats what i said, marilyn manson!)

there is an exhibition of marilyn manson's paintings with a few short films by david lynch called 'genealogies of pain' being shown here at the kunsthalle wien from 30 June until 25 July and i went along today.
i've always been quite fascinated by marilyn manson (his album mechanical animals brings back such memories of 1998/1999 and listening to the track coma white over and over again!) and well, i haven't seen many of david lynch's films but i loved mulholland drive (even if i still don't really have a clue what it was about!). so i was really interested to go along and take a look at manson's paintings. i haven't listened to his music for a long time and my brother assures me that the more recent albums just got worse and worse (and i trust my brothers judgement so i didn't bother to listen!). however, it appears unbeknown to me he has been concentrating on his art work... and i have to say, i like it. the watercolours are really emotional and it comes as no surprise that the themes are pain, despair etc and focus on the human body. the sound from lynch's films being played (quite harrowing) seemed to provide the perfect background.
anyway... i enjoyed it! and i even got to eat a nice lunch out as i accidentally arrived at the exhibition before it opened (doesn't open until 1pm) so i stopped at the kunsthallencafe. felt a bit weird being on my own (especially as the patio/terrace was full of groups of people all drinking/eating together and enjoying the sunshine) but i had my trusty book to read in my bag so i was okay.
i went for one of the friday lunch specials which was vegetable moussaka (which also came with a soup to start which i didn't realise!). i washed it all down with a white wine spritzer.
i've no idea what the soup was! it had a very familiar flavour in it which i just couldn't put my finger on. check out the random carrot in it!
and the moussaka was tasty (even though it was mostly potatoes... but luckily for me i love potatoes!).

i've just realised that i'm missing the netherlands v brazil match. damn it. i'm off!

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