Thursday, May 20, 2010

all tomorrow's parties festival (curated by pavement)!

so here is a little post about my trip back to england!
the festival (in minehead) was filled with lots of cider, crisps, fried egg and bacon sandwiches, burgers, cheddar cheese, sausages, pizza, ice cream.... LOADS of bands and great music, pool, laughter... and even a little bit of sunshine! basically, it was AWESOME and i loved every minute of it.
this picture of the band is really cool. its made up of lots and lots of little tiny pictures....
here are some pictures of minehead beach and the promenade...
(hope you don't mind me putting this picture up guys!)
the bands perform indoors so the pictures mostly came out really dark but here are a few to give you an idea...
the raincoats were brilliant
and so were the walkmen
i loved mark eitzel!
and strangely one of the other highlights was a performance of prince's 'purple rain' by a band i had never previously heard of!
i actually got quite emotional during the last song so who knows what i would be like if i actually saw PRINCE himself preform the album!?
i was also really excited because i purchased a tote bag from the raincoats and one of the band (ana da silva) signed it!!!!
sooo, after a brilliant weekend of bands and pigging out its now time for a serious DIET. no more eating käsekrainers!! (hotdog sausages with bits of cheese inside the meat - basically my ultimate food!). all this eating (and drinking beer) really has to stop otherwise i'm going to look like a beached whale in a bridesmaid dress in cyprus!!!!

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