Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more food

yep, i have another food instalment! i can't believe that i've never cooked an omelette before... having left home for university at the age of 18 it seems unbelievable that i've made it to the age of 31 without having ever made an omelette. if i ever see omelette on the menu i think BORING... but i'm home alone and all i had in the fridge was eggs, some mushrooms, cheese, a few left over potatoes and some salad leaves so i thought, hey, i'm gonna cook an omelette! (i had to google how to make one).
and to my surprise it was deeeee-licious! only problem is, i want another one.

totally unrelated, here is a photo of a fiat 500 which was parked outside our apartment building today. i LOVE these cars!!!!!

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