Thursday, May 20, 2010

another trip to ikea

i ventured to ikea by myself today (this is probably the fifth time i've been there in only 2 and a half months!). the special ikea bus is very handy as it stops right outside where my deutschkurs (german course) is and i needed to get some sheets for the spare beds (that we bought in ikea) before my mum and brother arrive on monday (yay!) as our UK ones don't seem to fit properly....?!
and look what i bought!
poor little unlucky plants for being chosen by me (what bad luck, eh). but i'm really going to try and keep these ones alive. honest. i'm not sure if the purple flowered one is an outdoors plant? (nan - if you're reading this, is a campanula an outside plant?!). anyway, i'll put it in the window and see what happens. fingers crossed.

i also bought this really cute tray. i couldn't resist it!
i guarantee kev is gonna come home from work and say 'what do we need another tray for?'! ikea just has this special way of getting you to buy things that you don't actually need.

i got into a bit of a pickle at the checkout because i forgot to purchase a bus ticket for the return journey before my card transaction had gone through. the ticket is only 1,55 euro but on opening my purse i discovered that i only had 1,40. uh oh. luckily the guy at the checkout took pity on me (he probably saw the look of pure panic on my face) and gave me a ticket for 1,40. phewy!

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