Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'll miss you...

this is in loving memory of my great-grandma, florence, who very sadly passed away last night aged 95. she lived to a very old age and i feel extremely lucky that i was able to know her and spend so many years with her in my life.
i've been thinking about how i remember her.... not the very frail old lady in a wheelchair living in the rest home who no longer knew who i was.... but the funny, sometimes hilarious lady who used to look after me when i was little, who taught me to play card games, who took me to bingo at the local church hall with her friends, cook me fried egg and chips for tea and let me stay with her on a friday night, who let me help her tidy her cupboards and dust the little trinkets on her dressing table. i'll always remember her laughing and saying and doing silly things that always got us laughing with her.
this picture was taken the last time i saw her (in march) before i moved to live in vienna. its strange but as i left i just knew that i would never see her again.
she was a sweet lady. i'll never forget you great-nan flo.


  1. Mein Beileid :( Sending you my thoughts.

  2. Sorry to hear. Sounds like you have lovely memories to keep, though.
    - C

  3. Sorry about your loss. What a nice way to remember her though..