Thursday, May 6, 2010

i am a very happy girl tonight!

hmmmm.... think i may be a little tipsy! four pints of strongbow on a school night.... i'm so not used to this anymore!
what a brilliant night though! spurs are in the champions league play-offs. yippeeeeeeeeee!
kev is working away so i was forced with the decision to either miss the man city v spurs match.... or brave it to the pub alone. obviously i ended up choosing the pub! although it did feel very strange being alone in a pub full of people all chatting and watching the football together. but i'm so glad that i watched it.
i should have probably come home at the end of the match and been satisfied with 3 pints... but i needed another to celebrate! (hence the forth).
i've just realised though that i absolutely stink of cigarette smoke. that is one thing i haven't got used to yet. (all my smoker friends out there, if/when you come to visit you will love it here as you can smoke inside until your heart is content!)
anyway, enough of my rambling.... its 00.25 and so i guess i'd better go to bed. night!

p.s. i ate a slice of €1 pizza on the way home with additional garlic and hot sauce (the vendors idea!). i feel sorry for whoever is sitting next to me in class tomorrow!).

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