Friday, May 7, 2010

kev's hangover cure

so i was thinking, what would i want for dinner if i was feeling pretty hungover..... burger & and homemade wedges!!!
and then lemon drizzle cake for dessert....
although it didn't quite turn out to plan because:
a) i don't have a loaf tin (so i had to bake it in the only tin i have - a huge round one - thats why its flat!)
b) the sugar i bought thinking it was caster sugar was not like caster sugar at all!
c) i had to take a guess at the flour as there doesn't appear to be a direct translation for self-raising flour.
but considering all these things it actually tastes way better than it looks.
AND i got to lick out the bowl....
 i haven't done that for years!!!!


  1. Selfraising? Does it come with yeast? Intressting indead and it looks delicious! One can learn so much by blogs! If you used the sugar from the carton on the pic, that's puderzucker, I guess you wanted kristallzucker? It really can be tricky to buy groceries in a foreign country :)

    See you sunday!

  2. erm, i don't know... i've never really thought about it. self-raising flour is what we use for cakes etc so they rise. so the flour must have baking powder in it i guess? who knows?!
    the sugar i used was staubzucker. i've just translated it on google and it says sift sugar...whatever that means?! i'll buy kristallzucker next time, thanks!
    yep, see you on sunday!

  3. That's powder sugar (staubzucker), "normal" sugar is kristallzucker, streuzucker and it's a white paperbag, just like the flower bag. And for translations: try - best dictionnary ever, I use it every day! For example in order to translate castor sugar :)