Sunday, May 23, 2010

a trip to brunnenmarkt

kev and i ventured out to a district we hadn't been to before yesterday and took the u-bahn to brunnenmarkt (which is on the other side of the city from our apartment).  so far we've tended to walk everywhere and so have only explored the surrounding areas but i decided it was about time we ventured out!
brunnenmarkt was great. a really colourful and buzzing market (i kind of felt that i wasn't in vienna at all) and its a really good place to buy fruit and vegetables.
i felt like such a tourist with my big camera so i only took a few quick snaps when it was a bit quieter.
we stopped for some brunch/lunch at a cafe called 'muskat' and enjoyed a beer in the sun. was lovely!
kev ate a delicious looking omelette with feta cheese... and i had the 'muskat frühstück' (a mixed plate of humous, avocado, roasted vegetables, feta cheese and olives)
which was really tasty except i got quite freaked out by the addition of banana, strawberries and blood orange! eek. so wrong. kev had to save me by removing them from my plate. (i love pretty much all food but i can't eat savoury food with fruit!). its just wrong!
then just after this picture was taken, kev (in the white t shirt) slipped on a spinach leaf when leaning over to pay the lady and nearly knocked over the whole two crates of spinach!! hee hee.


  1. I think I'd have the same reaction to the muskat frühstück as you! Can't wait to get back there and check out the Brunnenmarkt. Although, wait, it'll probably be the dead of winter. Do they have the markets year-round?

  2. erm, i think so! but couldn't say for sure....
    you'll be back here soon enough! exciting.

  3. My comment disappeared :( Just wanted to say welcome to my neighbourhood (I live about 5 min from Brunnenmarkt) , next time I'll take you to Halis Böregi Salunu for divine Börek :)