Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunshine, shopping and cats

okay, i'm a little more sober now :)
today was the last day of my four week german course (although i start the next level on monday!). it was such a dreary morning when i walked to the course but when i left it was beautiful, sunny and warm and so i decided to go for a little wander around the shops in the innere stadt. i took a few quick snaps.

whilst wandering i accidentally went into a shop and found myself in the changing rooms trying on a dress and then i kind of accidentally bought it. to celebrate the completion of my german course! (well thats my excuse anyway!). i just couldn't resist it....

the little cats with bow ties are so cute!
(whilst in the changing rooms i discovered that i'd been walking around with a huge hole in my tights! error).

anyway, i should be outside in the may sunshine but i'm off to bake a cake for my lovely boyfriend! (who is apparently a little hungover from celebrating the spurs win last night. and he's got to get a flight back from albania this afternoon. oh dear).

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