Tuesday, May 4, 2010

double vision

on sunday bf and i went to the english cinema here to see 'clash of the titans' (and yes if you are wondering, it was kev's choice!) but it was entertaining (if a little humorous for the wrong reasons!). the film is shown in 3D and it hadn't before crossed my mind how people who wear prescription glasses also wear 3D glasses??!
so here is a really unattractive photo that kev took on his blackberry of me wearing my 3D glasses over the top of my glasses so that the picture wouldn't be a complete 3D-blur!!
i must admit, the whole 3D thing was a bit of a let down... and it made me feel a little giddy! (but that might just be this particular film). kev didn't look too impressed when i said probably the most enjoyable part of the film was watching the actor sam worthington (i didn't really know who he was before... but he looked pretty cute in this film!). ha ha. maybe thats why i look so red?! damn my 'english rose complexion' (as my mum likes to call it).

oh and by the way, i forgot to mention in my last post that kev and i couldn't stop laughing in the cafe at the zoo because they were playing the rod stewart song 'do you think i'm sexy' ('if you want my body and you think i'm sexy, come on sugar let me know...'). seemed so bizarre in the surroundings!!! (and i now can't get the song out of my head).

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