Tuesday, May 18, 2010

back in vienna!

i had planned to tell you all about the music festival and share with you some pictures, but i seem to have mislaid the thing that you use to upload the pictures from the memory card to the laptop (ha ha - i'm so technical) and i have a funny feeling that kev may have gone off to budapest (for work) with it in his bag so i'll save the details until i can upload the photos!

what i will quickly mention is that i had the most fantastic weekend... but we very nearly didn't make it back! london gatwick airport was a nightmare (due to the new ash cloud craziness) and when we made it to the check-in desk we were told the flight was closed and we couldn't check-in. oh dear. as you can imagine, this sent me into rather a panic! anyway, i won't bore you with the all the details but they did let us on the flight... and here i am in vienna.

other than fun, what this weekend also brought me is some new found energy and enthusiasm to make this move work (all thanks to talking it through with my lovely friend sherry - thanks) and so i'm gonna be more proactive and set myself tasks to do each week. i've already completed one by joining the expat blog (www.expat-blog.com), so yay, well done me! next is to catch up on the german classes i missed and allocate much more time to learning german. as i may have mentioned before, i'm finding it pretty hard to get enthusiastic about spending lots of time doing something i'm not very good at... but i have to remember not everything is going to be easy!

i'll leave you with a random picture of some cute flowers (or maybe weeds?!) that i took in stadtpark. aaaah, pretty.


  1. Welcome back! We should get together again soon, I'll help you with your homework :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Sounds great Kerry! Hope you had yourself some salt and vinegar chips back home ;)

  3. hey, lovely to hear from you both! i'd love to meet up again. was really nice to meet you. (and i'm always grateful for any help with my german!).
    and yes, i ate LOADS of crisps! :)