Saturday, May 29, 2010

family visit

blimey, where did that week go to?! its been a great week but i am sooooo tired. my mum and brother have been here since monday (they flew home to england last night) so its been very busy, LOTS of sightseeing, walking, eating and drinking beer! (diet not going well).

okay, here is a quick run down of our week....

monday (montag) - we went for a long wander around the ring road seeing the sights as we walked and ate yummy lunch at the museums quartier. there was something going on at the rathaus-platz (i presume for the bank holiday) which we stumbled across. it was a really hot day and i got rather sunburnt!
this last photo was taken in graben. it appears to be pinocchio with a spider hanging off his nose?!

tuesday (dienstag) - after my german course we went to karlsplatz and then naschmarkt and spent a lovely long lunch there eating and drinking beer in the sun. we then wandered around gumpendorfer and mariahilfer strasse before getting caught in a huge downpour of rain!

wednesday (mittwoch) - we spent all afternoon walking around the lovely schlosspark at schönbrunn.
and in the evening we ate a traditional austrian meal at 'salm brau' in rennweg (but i forgot to take any pictures!). they also brew their own great beer.

thursday (donnerstag) - we went to the würstelstand at hoher markt and i introduced my mum and brother to käsekrainers!
(this is me and my bro'!)
we passed a shop selling all kinds of shaped marzipan including hedgehogs and jacket potatoes. how cute!
it then rained heavily pretty much all afternoon and so we took cover in a pub/bar and stayed there drinking beer all afternoon. oohps! 
we later went for dinner at an italian in the innere stadt (pizzeria rossini in schonlaterngasse). ate a great pizza!
(this was mine with an egg baked in the middle. was really yummy!)

friday (freitag) - on their final day here we wandered down alongside the donaukanal with an ice cream (i love the graffiti art down there) over to prater and then walked around the amusement park. was fun watching people on all the rides! (hopefully i will go on a few myself next time but i was too full from the huge lunch i had eaten followed by ice cream and thought it a bit risky that i might see it again!).
and now i'm enjoying a relaxed (and very much needed) saturday in the apartment before our next guests arrive on tuesday!
we finally have a sofa to relax on (if only a temporary one) but more on that to follow later!


  1. I have visited this blog by accident, but I found it quite interesting. You're doing a good job (and most importantly it's free). A greeting.

  2. thank you very much! unfortunately i can't read your blog :(

  3. Looks like you gave them the ultimate tour, great pictures!