Friday, July 23, 2010

a day of wandering

after getting pretty much zero sleep last night (i'm surprised i actually have any flesh left on my bones) and having a little weep at 3am (yeah, i know - what an idiot!) i needed to get out of the apartment today. i had no real purpose to my walk. i'd reach the end of a road and just decide left or right and i did this for a few hours... just walking up and down streets in the local districts (3rd, 4th and 5th). i discovered a few really cool looking shops (but didn't venture in - couldn't torture myself to look at things i couldn't buy!) and also some great looking cafés and local little places to eat which i must remember to return to and try out at some point.

its been great to get out and spend a day looking at whats around me. here are a few pictures of things i've seen along the way....
i like the design of this building
a cute funny little mosaic character on a building wall (like a space invader!)
a sign on the pavement
a random ear sculpture
an old street sign
and a statue in the grounds of the belvedere (where i sat and read my book for an hour)

i then had a few 'happy hour' beers at salm bräu before i headed home! i'm now looking forward to the weekend. enjoy everyone :) 


  1. Hey you walked by my office :) I work close to the "ear sculpture" in the street named on the sign you took a picture of :) The ear sculpture is standing infront of the ORF building (ORF = public TV/Radio). It is the "Radio house", that's why it is an ear :) A little bit of random knowledge for you.. Take care!!

  2. ah, cool! i wondered what the building was! :)