Sunday, July 4, 2010


what a beautiful day! (photos taken from our lounge window this morning). the sky is so blue today.

i've got a day of cleaning and ironing ahead of me.... but i don't mind. it keeps me busy! and i'm just excited about kev coming home tonight (hopefully in one piece!) and my friends sara and jack arrive from england tomorrow morning. yay! we get to hang out together for a whole week. its gonna be awesome.

i'm planning a whole day of listening to music whilst i 'work'. i'm currently listening to the black keys album brothers. i love it and i just can't stop listening to it (they were definitely the highlight performance at glastonbury for me). i also love the album cover. such a simple but cool idea.

enjoy your sunday everyone!

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  1. ha ha! i've got washing and ironing to do too! But i can't get into the laundry room because handyman locksmith amateur Mr R tried to 'sort out' the lock and now the key won't work... Looks like a day of doing nothing for me. Have fun with sara and jack! xx