Tuesday, July 20, 2010

perfect lazy sunday

this picture i took a week or so ago is totally unrelated to my sunday... but i thought you might wanna see some pretty cupcakes?!

anyway, kev and i had the perfect lazy sunday relaxing at home this weekend. we didn't leave the apartment all day and it was great. we cooked, watched two films, watched numerous episodes of how i met your mother (think i might be slightly addicted to it) and listened to the cure album 'disintegration' (which is seriously one of my favourite all time albums EVER. i would say top 10 albums ever but i don't have a top 10 as its completely impossible for me to choose only 10 albums!). anyway, here is a live version of the title track. i LOVE it.

we also tried out the rosé wine we bought at the market and i have to say for €2 it really wasn't bad at all (we drank the whole bottle anyway!).

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