Monday, July 12, 2010

friday night

on friday night we went to a restaurant called immervoll in the innere stadt. we hadn't been to this restaurant before and i really liked it. they have seating on franziskanerplatz in summer and we sat in the square drinking a lovely bottle of sekt and eating good food. the service was excellent (which is a total thumbs up for me).
i ate a slow cooked lamb shank in a really yummy gravy....
kev had a more traditional austrian dish of boiled beef... which i think he liked but he had total food envy and wanted my lamb!
jack had a pork and mushroom dish with tagliatelle. i tasted some and it was really good....
and sara had a beef salad dish (which i can't remember the name of) but it had a really great flavour with a nice spicy kick to it.
the boys had dessert and sara and i shared a random crazy austrian shot which unfortunately we can't remember the name of. it was pretty strong! (and was flavoured with some kind of berry which we didn't know the translation for).
i think kev liked his chocolate cake because he ate it all in about 30 seconds!
i can't remember what jack's dessert was... maybe something with apples in it?!

after our lovely meal we walked along to the palmenhaus bar for cocktails. woo!
we drank lots and lots of mojitos and frozen margaritas and got rather tipsy! the bar is in a really lovely building (a former hapsburg palm house) with lots of tables outside in summer.
the only downside to the evening was that i got really badly bitten by mozzies. they are evil... and should be exterminated!!!!

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