Monday, July 19, 2010


on saturday night kev and i went out to a restaurant called stomach (yep, thats what its called!) after i received a recommendation from dorte (who writes this lovely blog). we called too late to get a reservation in the lovely leafy courtyard but inside the restaurant is really lovely too, like an old farmhouse (and it turned out to be a blessing that we didn't get a table outside as whilst we were still there, a HUGE storm started - but more of that later).

i have to say, the food was amazing. and this is now my favourite restaurant in vienna (but obviously i have a lot more to try out yet!). everything was great.... the food, the (quite eccentric and funny) service from (who i think was) the owner, the atmosphere, the wine....

they also had little tea light candles in paper bags on each table (which cast a really lovely light)
but kev and i couldn't help think that they were a little dangerous?!?!

we couldn't understand most of the menu (because our german is rubbish) but thought, hey... lets just order and see what we get!

for starter kev had the most delicious little kebab type things with a salad (which had an amazing dressing). i was really jealous.
i went for something really traditional and ordered tafelspitz, and it came with a really tasty kidney bean and radish salad.
next kev ordered roast beef (because he was playing it safe!) but it turned out to be an excellent choice. it tasted soooooo good.
and i went for zander (which is a type of fish) with cous cous. it was really tasty.
for dessert kev spotted another table eating a big chocolate cake so there was only one choice! (there was a cheese plate on the menu but unfortunately i was too full from the other two courses. damn it).
i did try the cake though and it was really good cake. the owner (who served us all night) said he has been addicted to the cake for 21 years!
we'd already eaten half of it before i remembered to take a photo.

it was such a lovely meal and a wonderful evening which the owner finished off by saying he would be back with a 'terminator'! (he had quite a sense of humour this guy.. and i'm not sure whether he might have had a few drinks himself by this point, but anyway...) he came back with two really strong shots on the house which of course we couldn't refuse! he then sat down at the table with us whilst he added up the bill.

when we left the restaurant the storm was still in full force, the rain was heavy and the sky was bright with lightening. we ran to the nearest U bahn station (which luckily is really close) but at the other end we have about a 10 minute walk to our apartment. it was raining really heavily at this point and we tried to run between shop covers and doorways but this was quite tricky as i had open sandals on and my feet were sliding all over the place. we laughed our heads off and laughed even more when we got home and realised that i looked like this....
i can't believe i've put this hideous picture on here of me, but hey, its funny. and it demonstrates how wet we were! i then became concerned that my new 100% silk romper (which is dry clean only) may have shrunk. kev said i sounded like i was in the 80's!

it was the best night!


  1. Looks like a delicious meal! I got caught in the rain Friday night and I loved it. Have a great week!

  2. Haha... So funny to read the last part. We also got also got caught in the crazy weather Saturday night, but had at least one umbrella to share. Happy to hear Stomach was a success! We passed by Hirt by the way, when walking down Kahlenberg yesterday. We had had too much chocolate on the top so were not hungry for food, but now we know where it is :)

  3. Looks good - but is it Nicht Raucher?

  4. christine: thanks. yes, it was delicious!

    dorte: yes, we loved stomach. thanks for the recommendation! looks like you had a lovely walk down the hills from kahlenberg.

    badger: hmm... good question. it didn't seem smokey at all to me. if it was i would have noticed. but maybe we were just lucky enough not to have any smokers around us?!

  5. Depends on how big it is, since the first of july it is supposed to be smokefree if bigger than 50 squaremeters or something like that... No idea if the restaurants and bars are following this rule, haven't been inside restaurants etc. much since July was so hot..