Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the outside world

meet my new buddy, mr owl (yeah okay, its a crap name but its the best i could come up with on the spot, okay...?).
i've not seen much of the outside world these past few days (okay, pretty much zero) and so mr owl and i have been hanging out (seeing as i can't seem to drag myself off the sofa?). don't get me wrong, i've been loving not working for these past four months (my last job sucked, big time - old boss please don't be reading this!) but i seem to have a severe lack of motivation at the moment. even to get off the sofa. and get dressed.

luckily, a girl that i met on my german course emailed me and asked if i would like to meet up today. so YAY! i actually got dressed before 2pm and went OUTSIDE.

here are some snaps i took during my day...
i love the way the sun is shining off the roof of stephansdom
an old sign
the beautiful old stadtbahn buildings designed by architect otto wagner (i love these buildings)
and karlskirche (also at karlsplatz) which finally doesn't have any scaffolding! yay!

tonight i'm off to meet a bunch of strangers.... wish me luck.


  1. Great images...and owl too. I know the feeling about not working and staying in--too easy to do.

  2. well done on leaving the house! i hope you had fun! And HIMYM is the best, isn't it. i've watched them all now already but the other night i started to watch them again from the beginning! THAT's how much time i have on my hands. hmmm. xx