Wednesday, July 14, 2010

saturday night, i feel the air is getting hot!

anyone else remember the whigfield song?! (yeah, it was baaaaad, i know. but that didn't stop me and my friends doing the whigfield dance at our local 'disco'). anywayyyyy....

i forgot to mention that on saturday night we went to halle cafe restaurant. we sat outside... and got eaten by mosquitoes... but that didn't ruin what was a lovely evening. i really like it at this cafe restaurant as its relaxing and not too fussy, and after 3 visits, i've really enjoyed every meal. although the menu is not huge i always find it difficult to decide what to eat as everything sounds and looks yummy.

i was having a steak craving on saturday and luckily for me they had steak on the menu! (they change the menu every few weeks).
it was deeeeelicious. (kev chose the same to avoid the food envy he had the night before!).

sara had a really unusual dish of red snapper with warm hummus and i think they were curried vegetables? but whatever it was, it was one of the most yummy dishes i've tried in ages. unusual flavours... i've not had warm hummus before but it really worked.
i think jack was a little less keen on his meal... i think it was a bit too 'healthy' for him! i didn't try it but kev said it was really tasty. it was stir-fried chicken with erm... some kind of fruit? mango maybe? (my memory of saturday night is not too great. if you remember we had been drinking wine at the heuriger all afternoon :)).
but the best part of the meal for me was the cheeeeeeeese plate (i LOVE cheese but sometimes i think cheese plates in restaurants can be quite disappointing. this one certainly wasn't). i want to go back now just for the cheese plate. i can't even tell you what was on it... i do remember dolcelatte (which was so delicious) and the creamiest softest goats cheese i think i've ever eaten. it came with slices of lovely brown bread.
now i've made myself feel VERY hungry so i'm off to make myself a salad for lunch. only 19 days until i'm bridesmaid (EEEK!).


  1. Looks delicious. I've just moved to Berlin and been curious to sample some real Viennese food they have here.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm cheese I knew I should have had the cheese! thanks for the socks by the waY XX