Saturday, July 3, 2010


here are some random pictures i took this afternoon whilst wandering around our local area. i've passed the closed shop with the random dummies on a pool table (?!) so many times and i find them kinda cool... but at the same time kinda creepy. (unfortunately the photos didn't come out that well as the sun was shining so brightly on the glass but hey ho).
and spidey lives just round the corner from us... so i know if i ever get in any trouble, then spider man will come to my rescue!

i have to admit, i've been feeling pretty homesick this week since coming back to vienna. going back to brighton (my old home) just reminds me of all the things i love about the place.. and all the people there that i love too. brighton is just such a friendly place (i think) in comparison to here... and everyone in shops and cafe's smiles. something i seem to see so rarely here. but maybe thats just because i feel at home in brighton and i don't feel at home here. at all.

i'm home alone this weekend as my boyfriend has deserted me (ha) and gone to valencia on a 'stag do'. whilst i'm feeling pretty lonely i've been sitting and trying to think about some positives (rather than all the negatives swirling around my head at the moment) and here are a few things that i've come up with...

i live in vienna!
the most amazing guy loves me
i have amazing friends (even if they do not live close by)
i've been lucky enough to have four months off work
its summer!
i'm going to cyprus in less than four weeks time to see one of my best friends get married
and, did i mention i live in vienna?

okay, thats made me feel a little better. 

i realised that i didn't even open the blinds yesterday so i spent the whole day (apart from my trip to the exhibition) sitting in darkness. not good. thats why i decided i needed to get out of the apartment today and take a walk outside (even though i am now dripping with sweat. eugh).
many of the shops were already closed (which i still find quite bizarre. its SATURDAY afternoon!?!?). but anyway, it was good to get out and i bought myself a few yellow roses to brighten up the place.
think i might put my feet up now and read my book. (btw, i'm reading the woman in white by wilkie collins and i'm really enjoying it. think i'm lovin it even more as i'm reading a really old copy published in 1933 which belonged to my great grandma :)).


  1. Hey, I love expat blogs and when I came across yours, it reminded me of my early expat days.

    10 years ago, I moved from Brazil, where you can find shops open all the time, to Canberra in Australia, where, uh, it just sucks!! Not only for the shops, but it sucks all around.

    I remember going to the only 24h shop in the city at 3 am, and just push a trolley full of things I did not need and cry my eyes out.

    10 years late, I am still on the road. I don't cry any more (phew) and i look for all the great things around me, while I turn a blind eye to the annoyances.

    And having the "most wonderfull guys who loves me" certainly helped ( althoug sometimes I keep asking myself why the hell he loves me)

    Hang in there. The journey is worth it!


  2. hey inaie, thank you so much for your kind words and honesty. its very sweet of you :)