Thursday, July 22, 2010

the third man

last night i returned to karlsplatz to see an outside cinema screening of the third man. its a pretty famous post second world war film set in vienna which i'm ashamed to say, i hadn't seen before last night.
i'm so glad i went because the film was brilliant and watching it in such surroundings (actually in vienna with karlskirche looming in the background) made it even more special.
a(nother!) picture of karlskirche from where i was sitting as the daylight was starting to fade
a terrible picture of the screen with the church looking scarily illuminated! (i'm still figuring out how to use my camera properly at night but just took a quick shot on auto setting so you got the idea)

the only downsides to the evening were that it was stupidly busy for the amount of seats provided so i had to sit on a very hard pavement for the duration of the film (serious numb bum!). and i got really bitten by those EVIL mozzies again (despite having repellent on). (i thought i was going to scratch my skin off in the night! arghhhhhh).

i walked home and passed the fountain on the way (see i told you the fountain at night would make a reappearance! its been a while....)
and then i ate a kebab! yum. i know... everyone thinks kebabs are evil... but they taste bloody good in my opinion. i was so hungry (no dinner) i couldn't wait to stuff it all in my mouth (so no pictures i'm afraid).


  1. I love The Third Man and outdoor cinemas!

  2. looks like oodles of fun! [besides the bug bites]

    xo Alison

  3. We stopped by Wednesday night, and I was thinking if you were in the crowd. But came in the middle of the movie and didn't stay, so I have to watch the entire thing some other time.

  4. it was great!

    dorte - you must watch it!