Saturday, July 17, 2010

a little update

hey there folks!
well.... i've been a little quiet for a few days so what can i update you with?

1. its still hot! (although it rained very heavily today whilst we were at the market. i thought it might clear some of the humidity. but nope, i'm still sweating. lots. how nice.

2. on thursday i did something totally out of my comfort zone! we've been here for four months now and i'm still no closer to making any friends in the city. it gets kinda lonely i have to say. so, rather than sitting in the apartment waiting for someone to knock on my door and say 'hey, wanna be my friend'?! (hmmm, i don't think thats gonna happen is it?) i thought it was about time i did something proactive. so thanks to my lovely friend over at because she's perth it (who sent me the link for i joined an 'internationals in wien' meet up group and signed up for my first 'meet' on thursday afternoon at café sacher. however, it didn't exactly go to plan..... because i couldn't find anyone! i wandered around trying to spot the organiser (i had only seen his picture on the website) but i just couldn't see anyone fitting his picture. luckily, a girl who was also there for her first meet saw me wandering around and looking confused so she came up and spoke to me. as we couldn't find anyone else we stayed and had a drink together so it wasn't a total disaster. hopefully the next meet on wednesday night will be more successful!

3. you may have noticed that i haven't mentioned my german course for a while. thats because it ended and i decided to take a bit of a break. in all honesty, i hated the last course i took and i dreaded going every morning. i'm not sure what happened but from the 2nd level to the 3rd level there appeared to be a
huge jump. suddenly everyone was way above my level and i spent most of the class not having a clue what the teacher or anyone was saying! i've now totally lost all confidence with it... and so i've somehow gotta find it within me to pick up my books again and give it another go.

4. we have a nice little local café/restaurant/bar just around the corner from us which has a beer garden. yay! and we've been along twice this week when kev has finished work.
when we first went to dreier i felt a little awkward as you get the impression its very much for 'local' people. but after numerous visits the waiters now recognise us and i feel much more welcome.

4. i made an awesome greek salad the other day for dinner! (from this recipe - although i had to leave out the olives as kev hates them).

5. i know everyone has now forgotten about the world cup (btw, what a terrible final!) but i managed to collect all 32 beer bottle tops (you'll remember i mentioned i was collecting them here).
i got quite a few odd looks from people in the supermarkets as i searched for the missing flags, but i eventually found all 32 to complete the set. now i have no idea what to do with them!

right, i'm off to get ready as kev is taking me out for a meal tonight. yay! (i'm sure there will be pictures to show you tomorrow!).

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