Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i'm melting

i'm really struggling with all this heat. i know, i know... i should be happy and thankful that i've got all this sunshine to enjoy. but unfortunately its bringing back childhood memories of when my mum would take me and my younger brother to the beach and we'd sit and complain 'muuum, its toooo hot' with beach towels over our heads!

i've never been a great lover of the heat and i don't enjoy sunbathing... but i'm no where near as bad as i used to be. i mean, i've coped in egypt, morocco, argentina, south africa and many other places (but that was on holiday). this is where i live, and so it somehow seems different. i don't have my air-conditioned hotel room to go back to, or a big pool (or sea) to jump into and cool off! (ah, to jump in a big lovely swimming pool right now would be AMAZING).

i've hardly been sleeping because its just not cooling down in the apartment so i'm feeling pretty sleep deprived at the moment.... and i've also become a bit of a hermit this week (i've realised that i've only stepped out of the apartment to go to the supermarket). i just can't face going out because i'm sweating inside so i don't wanna know how hot it is outside!

any tips on how to cool down?! maybe a nice big glass of ice cold wine white spritzer would help?
or i could go and jump in the fountain by the russian soldier monument at schwarzenbergplatz!
although, i don't really fancy getting arrested. (btw, this isn't me! hee hee).


  1. hey, why don't we swap? you come to australia to cool down and i'll come to austria to warm up! Booo, if only we were that close that we could.

  2. I was so glad not to be in NYC this summer, but since I've been in Berlin I've been dealing with all this unusual heat and humidity. And it's the same here with lack of air conditioners so I also prefer to stay inside my semi-cool flat than go out and sweat everywhere. Do you have any lakes nearby?

  3. You can take a swim in the Danube, but I prefer the Freibad. There are several ones around Vienna and it is my salvation :)

  4. sherry: i know... boooo.

    christine: i think there are lakes outside of vienna but i haven't explored that far yet!

    emilie: thanks! i think i need to try one of these out. although i'm guessing they get pretty packed? enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  5. Well, yes and no. More packed during the weekend, but even last weekend it was ok because a lot of people seem to be on vacation. I love "mine" in the 17th district :)