Friday, July 2, 2010


OMG... have you been watching the world cup matches today?... and if not, WHY NOT??!!!

i must admit after my initial excitement this world cup tournament started off pretty dull. there were no outstanding matches or performances, teams kept drawing... and well, it was all rather dull really!
then it started getting a bit more interesting once it got to the final group matches. we then saw france go out... and most shockingly of all, the holders of the cup italy go crashing out at BOTTOM of their group (who thought that would happen?!). next round saw england get hammered by germany 4-1 (the less said about that the better really... but its nothing that we didn't deserve. we played terribly through the whole tournament. a total let down).
and then today we've seen the first two of the quarter finals. this afternoon brazil (who got a player sent off) were knocked out by the netherlands (i'm sure most people thought brazil would win that one) and i've just watched the really exciting match between uruguay and ghana. at 1-1 it went to extra time and in the 120TH MINUTE (!!!!) a uruguayan player forgot he was meant to be using his feet (its FOOTball) and punched the ball off the line getting himself a red card and giving ghana a penalty. only for ghana to miss. and after all that craziness uruguay ended up winning on penalties!!!!!

okay, and BREATHE! so exciting though (well, for a neutral - i wouldn't have been so excited if it was england in a penalty shootout - we're terrible at them).

so germany v argentina to come tomorrow afternoon. its gonna be good. can't wait!

(and sorry to all you non-footballing fans out there... but you don't know what you're missing out on!).

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